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Dog‘s breed is significant if you want to train it to obey

Dog‘s breed is significant if you want to train it to obey

If you want to have an obedient dog, before buying it, you should find out the best dog breed for training. Take it into consideration that you won‘t train Husky or Beagle as very well as German shepherd. As a result, it is not fair to require from them too much while training, as they are different breeds and their purpose is different. Of course, we can train Huskies but their obedience will be less than the German shepherd’s one.

Husky Beagle German Shepherd

Other main training mistakes are the same command’s repetition all the time or the encouragement in the wrong place and on the wrong time.

If you are repeating one command a lot of times, the dog understands that it does the right thing. However, while training it is significant to use repetitions very few and do not make or commit as few as possible unnecessary moves.

In order to avoid these mistakes, you should clearly state the command to your dog. You can do this well if there aren’t any interferences.

Best breed of dog

When the dog comes to you, at once say the command “Come”. In that way, you will fix it and you should praise your pet very much. It is very significant to praise your dog and to encourage it on the right time – at the exact moment when the command is carried out. These steps are initial and extremely significant as the dog has to understand clearly what the exact command means.

To sum up, it is important to choose the best breed of dog, in order to train its obedience in the right way.